SUCCESS: The Business of YOU

SUCCESS: The Business of YOU
: Sylvain Godfrey
: 38
: Non Fiction : Business
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This book seeks to impress upon you the value of your life, and thus, inspire you to live it in a worthy manner. It speaks of the importance of building your personal capital and achieving the life of your dreams while impacting the lives of others.

It compares your life to a business and looks at you as a capital asset, a living self-marketing product, and a brand.

You will learn that in the business of your life, your net worth is the sum of your intrinsic value, personal capital, the value given to others and the equity you add to others through empowerment.

The underlying message is that the success we experience in life is basically a reflection of our ability to translate our intrinsic creative power into tangible everyday life experience.

My hope is that this book inspires you to maximize the opportunities for growth around and within you to achieve your dreams, to give back and inspire others to explore their full potential.

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