Monster Under My Bed: Stories For Anxious Children Books 1 to 3

Monster Under My Bed: Stories For Anxious Children Books 1 to 3
: Mary Fern
: 44
: Kids : 0-3
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Is your child anxious and worried especially at bed time? Then help is here with The Monster Under My Bed

Part of Mary Fern's best selling Bedtime Series these books are specially designed to help calm worried and anxious children.
Many children do not like the dark, irrational fears can take hold of them at bedtime and being left alone can become an anxious time for them.
No one really knows what sparks off these feelings of insecurity at night time. They can be triggered by so many different things.

Mary Fern’s Monster Under The Bed series of books is aimed at calming down and reassuring children that they are safe and secure when they are tucked up in their beds. And indeed the Monster Under The Bed is there to look after them and reassure them.

Young minds are full of all the excitement of the day and they are not old enough yet to understand why they feel the way they do. While we associate going to bed and sleeping with rest and relaxation, children can sometimes become stressed and anxious as they are parted from their parents and siblings and worry about being left alone.

Mary Fern’s ‘Monster Under The Bed Books’ have been carefully written and designed to help anxious children find restful sleep and to part with their fears.

The tone and pace of the book are purposefully set to help a child wind down after an exciting day. The book is full of reassurances and helps them to focus on an inner calm. The Monster is there to hold their hand whenever they need it. The message is a clear one: that even though they might be in their own bedroom, they are never truly alone. The suggestions continue… it might be a story, but the underlying message is that it's sleep time, and that their bed is a cozy safe place to be.


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