If Cows Were Blue

If Cows Were Blue
: Kristi Nielsen
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: Kids : General
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If Cows Were Blue is a fanciful story, where creativity takes life. Children are fascinated by the idea that cows could be blue instead of black and white. They are even more intrigued by the idea of them flying. After all, didn't the cow jump over the moon. If Cows Were Blue gives new opportunities to airborne cows. It is an adventurous story that ignites a child's imagination.

Are the answers to primal questions found by looking outside the box? Absurd and fantastical storytelling creates new ways of looking at old or outmoded ways of thinking. In If Cows Were Blue, questioning if cows were blue instead of brown or black, gives birth to the possibility of flying cows replacing cars. Soon, a whole new imaginary world unfolds.

This book is written in rhyme and takes you on a fantastical journey. Lots of exciting imaginary changes make the world described by the author far different from reality.

If Cows Were Blue

What would cows be able to do if they were blue? And, would a world with blue cows have other surprises also? This book takes the children in the story on the ultimate adventure. The child who is listening to this story being read by an adult, or the child who is an early reader reading this book, will feel engaged in the journey.

Give wings to the imagination and a whole new world unfolds. The adventures in the story encourage young children to imagine their own creative creations. Creativity is a key component of early learning.

Recommendation: If Cows were Blue

Recommended for reading to children from age 2 and suitable for children up to age 5 or 6. Great book for young readers. If Cows Were Blue, is recommended for children who enjoy fantasy, or books like the Dr. Suess books. The author of If Cows Were Blue, believes children should be empowered to think outside the box.

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