The Crown is Not Enough (Love on the Run Book 3)

The Crown is Not Enough (Love on the Run Book 3)
: Jaclyn Hardy
: Dragons & Fairy Tales Press
: 203
: Fiction : Romance
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She Wants Nothing To Do With Adventure, But Now She Might Not Have A Choice

Dani wants nothing to do with the adventures her friends go on, and she's determined to stay away. But when an ancient relic shows up at her doorstep, she doesn't have much of a choice.

˃˃˃ He Knows She Is Keeping Secrets From Him, But That Doesn’t Deter His Love

Hunter knows there's something about Dani and her friends that she's not telling him. But spending time with her is worth all of the secrets. That is, until the moment the package arrives at her doorstep.

˃˃˃ Are They In Too Deep?

While Dani and Hunter feel like they're way in over their heads, they know it's up to them to make this right. Now it's a race to find who sent the package and why before the enemy does. Will this new and unexpected turn be just what they need to finally admit their feelings for each other, or will it be too much for their friendship?

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