Time Out for Patches

Time Out for Patches
: Kristi Nielsen
: 35
: Kids : General
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Time Out for Patches is a story of a curious, mischevious, and hungry goat. It was inspired by the author's memories of having numerous pet goats when she was a child. As goats do Patches loves to climb and loves to try a taste of everything he sees. Sometimes Patches gets into situations that he cannot get himself out of and he requires help from the Fire Department or Animal Rescue. He frequent timeout as his owner attempts to teach Patches boundaries. Time outs occur too for the little girl who owns the goat, when she does things that she knows she is not supposed to do - especially if what she has done has caused damage.

This is a great book for discussing behaviour with your child. The goat, Patches, causes problems. The owner starts by telling Patches where he is to play, jump and have fun. However, Patches misbehaves time and time again. The farmer, the father of the little girl who has the pet goat, has to find solutions for the problems that are disrupting the neighborhood.

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