The Great Spider War

The Great Spider War
: Brent Reilly
: Brent Reilly via KDP
: 127
: Fiction : SciFi
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Gonzalo Gonzales clones prehistoric mega-spiders in the Colombian Amazon to turn their venom into serum. For years he fights off the drug cartel until a bitter betrayal costs him his family. To get them back, he’ll need an army, but the only killers he can count on are a million giant spiders. With a spider army at his back, he goes to save his loved ones and kill those who betrayed him, if it’s the last thing he does.

EXCERPTS: The drug soldiers shined flashlights at the monster that killed several men and wounded a dozen others. Javier was still convulsing, his mouth drooling something unnatural. The venom stretched his face and emptied his bladder.

Marcos woke from a bad dream to face his worst nightmare. A giant hairy spider on his chest stared at him hungrily. He turned in bed, throwing off his blanket, and ran.

A second spider landed on his head. Screaming, he twirled like a dancer, arms over his head like in a rave.

Gonzalo dumped a few hundred war prisoners into the Pit, then watched a thousand mega-spiders feast on them. Spiders dissolved the drug soldiers from their insides, then sucked their interiors such that they deflated like defective mannequins. “Gonzo’s Revenge” social media soon called it.

“It’s tying me up with some kind of rope. I can’t move my arms! Ah! It’s climbing on me. I think it’s that face-hugger from Aliens, but three times bigger.”

A feast 100 million years in the making happened as the mega sank her fangs into Salvador Blanco, who screamed like a girl and wet himself like a baby. Acid dissolved his organs, turning them into a liquidy mush. The last thing he experienced was a giant prehistoric spider drinking him from the inside out.

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