Kahari: The Scarab Reign

Kahari: The Scarab Reign
: Dean Kutzler
: 313
: Fiction : SciFi
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Universal power vanished末billions are dying末and the only one who can set things right is stranded on a world that shouldn't exist.

Commander Saren Thorn is on a mission to learn why the mysterious, ancient power coursing through space ceased to exist when she gets knocked out and thrown off her ship.

She wakes up on a deserted planet known only byrumorand struggles with the hopelessness of the situation. Soon, she starts developing unique abilities that she never before possessed.

Saren's new-found powers are dangerous, and she's wrestling to control them. Growing up as an orphan, she never thought of herself as anything other than just human like everyone else.

Why is it happening now? Is stress causing the latent abilities of another species to surface? Is the strange planet the cause?

Or is it something else?

Desperate to return to the mission紡nd her normal life亡aren searches for a way off the planet and soon discovers she's not alone. Not only is Kahari inhabited by something unbelievable, but it also holds a dark secret about the universe.

A secret末that if it doesn't kill her first末could help her complete the mission and save more than just the people.

If you enjoy original, character-driven, edge-of-your-seat space action mingled with dark fantasy and dashed with snark, you'll love the first book in the Scarab Reign series.Kahariwill keep you flipping pages well into the night.Grab your copy now!

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