Space Saga: Little Prince, magic - twilight Turtle and big Adventure

Space Saga: Little Prince, magic - twilight Turtle and big Adventure
: Leon Mola
: 84
: Kids : Non Fiction
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The children’s book about astronomy is very simple to understand. There you can read about fantastic travelling in our solar system, describing planets, Sun and stars. The tales about luminous turtle and the little prince are interesting for all children, who want to travel in the boundless space and cosmos.
Our book is accompanied by documentary materials and sources, where children can find additional information, videos and resources about astronomy topics.
We have planned to publish second book, which will help us to travel near black hole, visit distant stars and aliens.
The following issues are discussed in this book:
 First Chapter: Sun, Solar System
 Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus,
 Planet Earth
 A fantastic and unbelievable journey in the space
 Why does not fall our planet Earth?
 How is our universe arranged, the solar system?
 On which planet would you feel very warm and very cold?
 Where is our planet – Earth in cosmos?
In our little prince’s room we’ll look at the solar system, planets and the stars. With luminous turtle we can travel in a space and see all the planets of solar system. We have an ability to find out everything about them, about their features and nature.
A very nice and interesting world of cosmos is waiting for us. Everything is created for the children, who love astronomy very much.

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