Millionaires success : Habits for future Millionaires

Millionaires success : Habits for future Millionaires
: Levan Molashvili
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: Non Fiction : Business
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This book is based on real events. The main character of the book is a former millionaire, who owned stores in the leading shopping center of the city, but some failures and mistakes made him an usual man. After the severe downturn, he started everything from the beginning. This book will be useful for you – for the beginner entrepreneurs, not to make such mistakes again. His simple advices are priceless for all those, who want to achieve financial success. The most powerful thing is that, the author is ready to tell us everything, when others prepare to keep silence. An experience is priceless, but it’s possible to share it with others. By his advices you will avoid all mistakes, which will surely be on your way to success.
The former millionaire: ,,Just let me tell you, as a financier. The benefits you get after reading this book, will be much, than the price of this book. That would be the first steps and rational investment in your future.
Every mistake has it’s price, the financial price, that we have to pay. This book will help you to eliminate many mistakes. That’s why, the amount paid in it would be less, than the financial or moral value of the mistakes you would have to make. That's why I recommend you to read this book completely!

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