The Bombs Bursting in Air: A Mike Elliot Thriller, Book II

The Bombs Bursting in Air: A Mike Elliot Thriller, Book II
: Lee Duffy
: 279
: Fiction : Drama
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A rogue Russian army colonel and his crew of Spetsnaz commandos massacre the entire cadre of a Russian nuclear weapons storage facility. They make off with five tactical nuclear bombs. The U.S. government goes on high alert, and the CIA recruits Mike Elliot, a former U.S. Special Forces operative, to find the missing weapons.

Mike follows the trail of the suitcase nukes from Beirut to Istanbul to the Republic of Georgia. The body count grows and so does the intrigue.

Meanwhile, a traitor in the CIA is killing American agents, and Mike is next on the list. As he doggedly pursues the nuclear weapons, a top assassin called the Nigerian is just steps behind him and closing in. All the while, a lethal Iranian agent schemes to acquire the bombs for Iran, profit from the transaction, and arrange for a terrorist group to detonate one of the devices in New York City.

Mike Elliot must survive the Nigerian, find the bombs and their deactivation codes, thwart the Iranian plot, and identify the mole within the heart of the CIA, before it is too late. He teams up with Delta Force commandos in a final, desperate, cross-border raid to terminate the deadly plot, and those behind it.

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