Belgrade Hills

Belgrade Hills
: Arabelle Stevens
: 86
: Fiction : Romance
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Maxie Jamison's brother gambled away the family business. It's up to her to save the company, her home, and her family. To do that, Maxie will need to swallow the anger that her brother was ever named the head of the company over her. However, who will run Belgrade Hills, the children's home she operates. Belgrade Hills became her new purpose and her sanctuary when her lifelong dream of running the family business slipped from her hands. What will happen when Belgrade Hills burns down? How will she pay back the millions of dollars that her brother ran up in gambling debt?

Forensic accountant, Dillon Timbercrest, has come home to Belgrade, Maine to help his old school friend, Maxie, save her family business. After high school, they lost touch but to Dillon, Maxie was the one that got away. And this time, he's not leaving without her. If only he can get Maxie to see him as more than a dear friend.

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