A Cottonwood Ranch Trilogy (A Cottonwood Ranch Romance Book 0)

A Cottonwood Ranch Trilogy (A Cottonwood Ranch Romance Book 0)
: Jaclyn Hardy
: Dragons & Fairy Tales Press
: 336
: Fiction : Romance
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These light-hearted romances are perfect for fans of western romances who want to get away from it all. This trilogy contains the first three books in the Cottonwood Ranch series.

Roping His Heart - Rachel has dreamed of owning the old mansion down the road her whole life. Patrick has to decide if he will sell or fix up the old run-down mansion left to his family. Will Rachel give up her dreams for the man she loves?

Taming His Heart - Laura's love of spontaneity has landed her in the wilds of Idaho where she meets hunky Justin, a ranch hand who works just down the road from her hotel. Will she find a way to tame his heart, or will she move on to greener pastures?

Rescuing His Heart - Heather is in town for Christmas, patiently waiting to find out her new assignment for her nursing degree. Stuart is the town butcher who has accidentally fallen in love with the vegetarian med student in town for a visit. They must decide if they're willing to make things work, or if it's just a holiday fling that will end when the New Year begins.

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