Seven Years of Liz: Real Magic Short Stories

Seven Years of Liz: Real Magic Short Stories
: E.C. Stever
: Looka Books
: 101
: Fiction : General
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They say that every seven years, you die. After seven years, all your cells regenerate, and you become a new person. It's not supposed to be magic, but...

But what if a younger version of yourself came back? What if they wanted answers? What if they wanted to take over your life, and live like you always dreamed? Would you let them?

Or would you fight?

This collection includes "Seven Years of Liz" as well as five additional stories of magical realism and fantasy.

"The Death of Sir Duke" - An arthurian hero must atone for the monsters he didn't slay.
"We Painted Red" - A misuse of PaleoIndian magic leads to a murder.
"If Anika Fell" - An enchanted bicycle protects a girl from German bombs in WWII Holland. But at what price?
"Seven Years of Liz" - What if the old you, wants to be the new you?
... and two additional stories.

Magic is real: Impossible depends on where you live.

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