The Shoebox Mystery: Billy Fender PI Series - Book 1

The Shoebox Mystery: Billy Fender PI Series - Book 1
: Glenn Lindsey
: 188
: Kids : General
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A puzzling body. A friend in trouble. A dangerous forest fire. Billy Fender uses all his PI skills to solve a mystery worthy of Sherlock.
Sherlock Holmes is Billy Fender’s hero. But watching the upcoming Holmes movie marathon is out of the question when the TV dies. The family can’t afford a new one, so Billy searches for a way to earn money. Determined to reach his goal of $300 and buy a new TV, he starts his own business - Billy Fender Private Investigations.
Billy’s first case involves a furry body in a shoebox. When Miss Applebee offers him $50 to solve how the body ended up in her garden, he accepts the case. Best friends Raffi and Lisa join the hunt for clues, but things get complicated when a schoolmate mistakenly gets taken into police custody. Eager to free his friend and help Miss Applebee, Billy, Raffi, and Lisa will stop at nothing, even if it means venturing into Deadmen Bog. Expect the unexpected as the trio seek to solve The Shoebox Mystery.
The Shoebox Mystery is the first in the Billy Fender PI Series. This middle-grade adventure mystery is set in the Pacific Northwest in the town of Coyote Point. Surrounded by forests and mountains, Billy learns that solving mysteries requires brains, teamwork, and a little bit of luck. If you’ve enjoyed JK Rowling’s Harry Potter stories or Tim Flanagan’s stories like Lawrence Pinkley’s Casebook, you’ll love Billy Fender’s mystery adventures.
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