Barnwood Builders (Barnwood Builder Mysteries Book 1)

Barnwood Builders (Barnwood Builder Mysteries Book 1)
: Lori Beasley Bradley
: 118
: Fiction : General
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Nathan and Amelia Ryan own a business in the small town of Briarton called Barnwood Builders. Briarton has secrets. Amelia Ryan has secrets too. She can see and talk to the dead. While out scouting a new barn to be torn down by their company, Amelia runs into one of Briarton's secrets. She finds the Life Shadow of a girl who disappeared after a school picnic in 1947. Amelia's Grandmother Jen has told her that when they run into these lost souls, they are obligated to help them find peace. Amelia and her friend Nancy Adams begin investigating the old barn and the picnic while she is trying to get their new store ready to open.
Small towns are notorious for their social order and Briarton is no different. When the names of the elite in town begin to come up in connection with the dead girl, Amelia hits road block after road block. Her Grandmother Jen tells her to keep pressing on. When Jen is found dead in her bed, Amelia must take her investigation closer to the present day.

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