A Love So Courageous: Historical Western Romance (Harvey House Series Book 11)

A Love So Courageous: Historical Western Romance (Harvey House Series Book 11)
: Ellen Anderson, Katie Wyatt
: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
: 119
: Fiction : Romance
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Belen, NM – As New Mexico approaches statehood at last, Belen is a bustling hub city that draws people from far and wide. One of those people is Elia Peattie, drawn West, as so many other Harvey Girls, by the promise of both stability and adventure.

Only Elia has a particularly unique reason for hopping a train to Belen—one she can’t reveal until her mission is complete. It requires her to work double-time, but Elia’s never been one for sleep.

Daniel Bustamante leads a quiet life as the town’s well-respected blacksmith. Nursing a broken heart, he keeps his head down and goes about his business, until the day Elia walks in and turns things upside down. Shortly, he’s caught up in the whirlwind of her life, falling in love more every day as he watches her courageously give life everything she has and more.

But when Daniel’s old ghosts rear their heads, and danger comes to town, the new couple is suddenly challenged at every turn.

Will Daniel ever be able to get past his past and tell Elia how he feels?

Will either of them make it back alive to tell their tale?

And what does Sheriff Emma Banister have up her sleeve, which could save the day or bring even more chaos to the table?

One thing’s for certain—even at the turn of the century, New Mexico remains the Wild West and when old-fashioned justice and newfangled technology collide, things are bound to get explosive!


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Historical western romance short story series.

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