The Virtual Assistant's Guide to Publicity Services

The Virtual Assistant's Guide to Publicity Services
: Jane Tabachnick
: Simply Good Press
: 39
: Non Fiction : General
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There is not a single brand – large, small, independent, undefined, author, or coach, who won't benefit from publicity.

In every industry, in every country around the globe, everyone could use a little publicity. Despite the need, many entrepreneurs and companies don't have the bandwidth or budget to hire a PR firm or to manage it on their own.

The Solution: The PR Support Virtual Assistant

This book was created for you, dearest Virtual Assistant. This book is not a how-to meant to teach you to offer PR the way a full-service Public Relations firm would. Instead, this book was written to show you a new realm of possibilities as a PRVA.

For any company, entrepreneur, coach, consultant or author looking to implement public relations, this short guide is full of wisdom and practicality. It will help you understand how you can successfully outsource some of your PR tasks.      

It is my hope that this book will ignite those possibilities for you.


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