Girl on a Boat

Girl on a Boat
: Amanda Wheelhouse
: Weatherdeck Books
: 340
: Fiction : Mystery
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A sensitive and at times sensual tale of a young woman’s battle with psychosis and her solo voyage in search of peace and fulfilment.
Rosie Carter is bright and intelligent with a sparkling naval career ahead of her, but life takes a cruel turn when her mother dies in a car accident that also leaves her father in a coma.
Emotionally torn-apart by her mother's death and the uncertainty of her father's prognosis, Rosie begins to suffer disturbing visions and sudden bouts of narcolepsy. Despite creative attempts to keep the disorder secret, ultimately it comes to light and she is medically discharged from the navy.
Devastated by the loss of her career and haunted by her psychological impairment, Rosie finds solace in the renovation of the old yacht she sailed as a child with her father. Then, growing increasingly disenchanted with psychiatry's attempts to rehabilitate her, she takes matters into her own hands, risking her all in the wild Atlantic in search of the excitement and adventure she hopes will lead her to restored mental health.

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