Her Ugly Monster (book 1)

Her Ugly Monster (book 1)
: Kaylee Rymer
: 213
: Fiction : Romance
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The only thing they have in common: they’re both on the run.

Weegel is alone and desolate: a thief, monster and fugitive, he is desperate to flee the country in search of his people. The last of his kind, he will stop at nothing to attain his goals, even if it means stealing from helpless people.

But his plans for a human-free life are thwarted when he finds Ivora, a perfect beauty all alone in the far reaches of the realm.

What is she running from? And why is an abnormally large wolf chasing her halfway across the country?

Hearts are changed, and dreams are altered, but will they both find their happily ever after?

This novel is written in British English and includes mild swearing.

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