Hollywood Hostage

Hollywood Hostage
: Jordan Michael Road
: 474
: Fiction : Mystery
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Can Hollywood's top actors perform when real killers attack their movie set?
Director Karl Priam has to make whiny writers, sheltered actors, and privileged producers fight back. It's a story within a story and everything is spiraling into disaster.

Karl's been blacklisted from Hollywood for being a notorious coke addict. He's broke but surviving an armed robbery buys him another fifteen minutes of fame and that gets him a job directing an action blockbuster.

He's hired to fail.

Some producers want a flop so they can take over the studio. This inner war leaves room for Fast-Talking Karl to get the job done while he struggles to stay clean and sober. When he lands the biggest stars for the movie, the producers change the story to Kill Karl.

But the mercenaries see a better payday if they kidnap everyone on set. The studio will pay anything to keep this $200 million dollar production rolling. Karl has to save the studio, the movie, and the lives of the cast and crew without cracking under the pressure.

Look at the free sample. Jordan Michael Road is doing something new and exciting, mashing-up the quick setup of a screenplay with the immersion of an action novel. The story will grab you faster than pulp fiction.

It might be difficult to return to normal novels after reading Hollywood Hostage.

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