When the Right One Comes Along: A small town military romance (Calloways of Rainbow Bayou Book 1)

When the Right One Comes Along: A small town military romance (Calloways of Rainbow Bayou Book 1)
: Livia Quinn
: Campbell Hill Publishing
: 240
: Fiction : Romance
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Love happens when you least expect it, even when it's the last thing you're looking for.
An impulsive act of folly and one night with a very special woman - complete with photographs - could put his mission and his dreams at risk.

Former Army Ranger, Ridge Romano lost his brother John to the war, but not on the battlefield. Like so many wounded soldiers, he faced the loss of his identity and purpose and committed suicide leaving behind a grieving wife and child. Now, the CEO of MedBionics, Ridge is on a mission to ensure John’s death is not in vain. With a “yes” vote on the big bill, his Consortium will take over the care of his fellow soldiers and their families.

At the DC romance convention, photographer and former fashion model, Buffy Calloway finds the “Face” of her new franchise, the Calloway Studio and Casting agency, which will provide models, marketing and photography to designers and movie studios. The tall, dark, intense man she discovers is everything she’s been looking for. She’s sure he’s the one but after discovering his noble goals, it seems there’s no path to a meeting of the minds (or their hearts).
Can two people with opposing dreams find a way to have it all?

The Calloways - a small town military family who believe in sacrifice, service and in the power of love to overcome any obstacle.

“This was a truly amazing read. You can't help but love this action packed adventure with love, romance and a HEA. If you like a storyline that keeps you going and gives you a great ending then this story is for you." D.Mauritzen

From the author: The Calloway series is a contemporary small town romance with themes of family, community and love. Each story reminds us that love can happen out of the blue, when you least expect it and can get us through the most difficult of circumstances.
About Rainbow Bayou The bayou that is integral to the economy and ecosystem of the area was named by the Native Americans for its reflections of the sky as it flowed between the river and the lake. Rainbows signify hope, renewal, second chances, and the promise a new beginning. Double rainbows represented serendipity.
More about the series The first four books in the series were previously published but have been revised and rebranded with new content to reflect its true romance genre - a contemporary small town family of military heroes and heroines who take on life’s difficult challenges and win.
Are the books standalones? Yes, the books can be read as standalones but secondary characters’ stories progress throughout the series so they are best read in order.

Book order of the Calloways of Rainbow Bayou series:
When the Right One Comes Along
Too Good to Be True
Only the Heart Remembers
Christmas Wishes
At Long Last Love
It Had to Be You
Christmas Vows
Love will Find You 7/2019

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