Cupcaked Crime (Coffee Shop Mysteries Book 3)

Cupcaked Crime (Coffee Shop Mysteries Book 3)
: Sarah Jane Weldon
: Isla Britannica Books
: 13
: Fiction : Mystery
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Now that things are starting to heat up in Val d'Isaria, Miranda and Skye have noticed a decrease in tourist activity. Their manager decides they need to shake things up and the coffee shop creates seasonal cupcakes to draw in customers.

In order to spread the word, each employee is instructed to wear a cupcake costume and wave a sign outside the shop.

One night, a man is run down by someone and all he can remember is that they were a cupcake. Everyone at the coffee shop is a suspect -including Miranda and Skye, both of whom had their issues with the victim - and if they don’t solve the crime quickly, the coffee shop will be forced to close down for good.

But as they look deeper into the crime, they realise the witness’s story is full of holes - is he being honest? And how is he associated with the rival coffee shop that just opened up down the street?

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