The Cool Breeze of Spring - A new beginning

The Cool Breeze of Spring - A new beginning
: C. Attleya
: 307
: Fiction : SciFi
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If you were consulted, would you agree to have most of humanity removed from Earth?
Who would you choose as your seven companions to restart a new population?

18 September 8.40 am - Will you be removed from Earth, when you smell that cool breeze of spring?
The Neteru are a species who seeded Earth as an ecological experiment, but now humans are about to mess up so catastrophically that Earth needs a reset. Caila and 12 other descendants of the first human seedlings are asked to advice on the future of Earth’s human population. Caila senses an instant strong connection with her Neteruian contact Mateos. But after Caila shows unexpected Neteruian skills Mateos is forced to admit that she is different from the other Khered.

After the reset Event, Caila and her group pick up some unexpected survivors. 12-year-old Rebecca is feisty and frighteningly intelligent and decides to start training as a doctor.
After an attack by self-pronounced Prime Minister Baldwin Caila is forced to confront her own complicated background. This confrontation finally fills in the blanks for Caila but comes at a great cost. Then, a second more sophisticated attack by Baldwin has catastrophic consequences for Caila’s group and threatens to derail this new beginning.

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