The Jovian Manifesto (The Formist Series Book 2)

The Jovian Manifesto (The Formist Series Book 2)
: Matthew S Williams
: Castrum Press
: 0
: Fiction : SciFi
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Months have passed since the incident on Titan. For Emile and the Formists, life is returning to normal now that their enemies have been dealt with. Or so they thought.

On the Jovian world of Europa, a mysterious document has been released that threatens to reveal everything. The Jovian Manifesto, as it’s called, has the Outer Worlds up in arms and the Inner Worlds fearing a civil war.

The Solar System is on the verge of ignition, and all that is needed is a spark.

Praise for Matthew Williams’ The Cronian Incident,book 1 of this series:
“A Phenomenal debut author."- Amazon Reader
“..contemplative science fiction story that fans of The Expanse will really enjoy!” -Amazon Reader
“ of the best science fiction novels I've read in some time.”-Amazon Reader

The Jovian Manifesto is recommended for fans of The Expanse

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