Jeopardy: A Tripartite Peril: Fortitude (The Jackson Saga Book 3)

Jeopardy: A Tripartite Peril: Fortitude (The Jackson Saga Book 3)
: H. S. Rivney
: 329
: Fiction : SciFi
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The intrepid Captain Jackson must destroy an asteroid headed for Beta Hydri IV, but the Zlogers and the Pegasi have other plans.


Anticipating a quick, simple mission to collect a group of scientists at the end of a long, complex mission, the crew receives disturbing news of an impending asteroid impact and the urgency factor jumps exponentially. The S. S. Maria Mitchell heads for the planet immediately, but they're distracted by an alien distress call. When they ignore it, they are attacked and boarded. 


The delay allows the asteroid to speed closer and closer to the planet. It's destruction is in doubt. Jackson must make an entirely new plan to deal with the inevitable fallout and destruction the civilizations there are about to face. The planet is Beta Hydri IV, where his wife, Rianya, comes from, and her home village is close to the impact site, as is the camp of the science team they plan to retrieve.

More Aliens

When another alien comes looking for Jackson's most precious gift, he is faced with a choice that could affect the future, which would also affect the past.

Roddenberry Whimsy

As with the first two novels in this adventure series, the writing reminds you of Roddenberry's bold story telling, going places never seen before, led by a strong captain and loyal crew. You'll be drawn in with masterful descriptions of complex characters, not a Mary Sue in sight, no Deus Ex Machina to spoil the ending. The science in this novel covers pallasite meteors, 3 D printers, and new, amphibious aliens as well as familiar old ones. 

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