The Cell Cities

The Cell Cities
: Nathan Giraud
: 195
: Fiction : General
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Diagnosed with terminal cancer, fourteen-year-old Alex has one last hope—a highly experimental and potentially dangerous drug so powerful that it could cure him . . . or leave him in a coma. With nothing left to lose, Alex is injected with the drug and wakes up in a world, unlike anything he’s seen before, a world where an advanced, high-tech force of alien soldiers are battling a crazy, genocidal general for control of their realm.
Unsure of where he is or why he’s there, Alex discovers an artifact that promises answers—and salvation—if only he can discover where it came from. With the help of Tarah, an alien girl he befriends, Alex sets out on a dangerous journey to find a mysterious spacecraft that matches the unusual artifact. But the alien world is deteriorating quickly as the General continues to advance, and Alex must find the spacecraft before it’s too late. It’s a race for survival, and the clock is ticking!

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