The Mongoose & The Iguana: And Other Stories

The Mongoose & The Iguana: And Other Stories
: Lee Duffy
: 35
: Fiction : General
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Four Humorous Short Stories of Fiction:

THE MONGOOSE & THE IGUANA: Where do you go when you really want, or need, to escape the rat race? A laid-back tropical island like St Basil, of course.

THE BARBERSHOP: Nothing ever happens in this quiet little town. When it does, though, you don’t need Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date. You can find out everything at your local barbershop, the original social media platform. And in some small towns, it still is. Check in on the latest at The Barbershop.

THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH: It can be devastating to learn that your spouse is cheating on you. So why do people cheat on their significant others? Maybe it’s not even their fault. Maybe, as humans, it’s just part of our genetic structure. We’re programmed to do it for the survival of the species. Or, maybe it’s just fun.

THE EASY TRAP: John is under siege—by large tropical rats, and they’re not the human type. So he declares war on the varmints! But is he really up to the task?

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