Details Of Deception: Book 1

Details Of Deception: Book 1
: Jazzlen Breeze, LG Fulton, GJ Austin
: Jazzlen Breeze Publications
: 155
: Fiction : Mystery
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In 1993 Reggie Bailer was the hottest songwriter/producer in the game, and was for several years. He enjoyed all the spoils that his musical talent had bestowed upon him, a penthouse on Manhattan's Upper East Side , a seven figure bank account, a music publishing catalogue that generated thousands while he slept, and a beautiful wife named Georgette, whom he shared it all with. In the Summer of 93, a "Who's who" of the "Music Industry" were invited to a "Surprise Birthday Party" for Georgette, but strangely she's a no-show, and vanishes with Reggie's business manager (Donnie) and everything he owned. It's now 2018, and after many years of destitution, and the absence of his musical passion to sustain him, the hardships in Reggie's life seem never ending. But when the sudden murder of a former longtime business associate occurs, it regurgitates painful memories for Reggie, which forces him to inspect the long ago disappearance of Georgette and Donnie a bit more closely. Meanwhile, a random errand morphs into a "merging of talents" between Reggie and an aspiring young artist named Kimeo Caesar, which she believes is a blessing. Kimeo soon learns that the blessing is mixed with jealousy, envy, and danger once she and Reggie achieve "International Success". Reggie then receives revelating news concerning the long ago disappearance of Georgette and Donnie that has him retracing their steps from 20 years ago, that leads him from place to place, and then closer to the tortuous truth.... a truth guarded by a merciless danger, and the "Details of Deception

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