The Easy Ketogenic Diet for Beginner: Your Guide to Basik o The Ketogenic Diet

The Easy Ketogenic Diet for Beginner: Your Guide to Basik o The Ketogenic Diet
: Oleg Daynov
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: Non Fiction : Cooking
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I think it is safe to assume that since you are reading this, you are looking for a brief handbook into the fantastic world of Ketogenic Diet! We, you have come to the right place!
Now believe me when I say that I fully understand that losing weight and keeping it under control is one of the most significant concerns of modern-day human beings. Probably you are here because of the same reason as well!
You may have already tried hundreds of different diets floating out there to no avail and are entirely disappointed right now!
Well, the Ketogenic Diet is here to change that!
Unlike most other diets that solely focus on ultimately trimming down your calorie intake, the Ketogenic Diet takes an entirely different path and tries to restrict your carbohydrates intake.
That means you will have to forgo foods that are high in carb such as flour, sweets, cereals, potatoes, processed foods and so on.
If you do things right, then you will notice a significant reduction in your weight!
This happens because, when you start cutting down carbohydrates from your body, your body slowly enters into a state of Ketosis that turns your body into a fat burning machine!
Since I have written this bookkeeping the mindset of novices in mind, I have tried my very best to keep this book as simple and easy understand as possible.
The first two chapters of the book focus on explaining the fundamental concepts of the diet, while the remaining focus on giving you a fantastic array of heartfelt recipes for you to explore.

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