Cassie's Tale (Family of Rescue Dogs Book 3)

Cassie's Tale (Family of Rescue Dogs Book 3)
: Brian L. Porter
: Creativia
: 112
: Non Fiction : General
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This is the story of Cassie: a rescue dog who was just over two years old when she joined Brian and Juliet’s family of rescues, having already had three previous owners in her short life.

The tiny little terrier soon wormed her way into the hearts of the family, and her antics and oversized attitude quickly earned her the nicknames ‘The Mad Ferret’ and ‘The Wicked Witch of the West.’ Cassie can best be described as a ‘pocket dynamo’ or, as the author puts it, “She is filled with boundless energy, and despite being fourteen years old now, she’s like a Duracell bunny without an off switch.”

Cassie has bounced back from operations, managed to get lost and found in one afternoon, chased away Rottweilers and Dobermans that have had the nerve to try and steal her tennis ball, and found herself being injured by interfering in larger dogs’ squabbles. People just can’t help falling in love with this tiny bundle of joy.

Cassie’s Tale is the third book in Brian L. Porter’s series of rescue dogs, following on from the award-winning bestsellers, Sasha and Sheba: From Hell to Happiness.

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