A Love So Bold: Historical Western Romance (Harvey House Series Book 7)

A Love So Bold: Historical Western Romance (Harvey House Series Book 7)
: Ellen Anderson, Katie Wyatt
: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
: 112
: Fiction : Romance
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Best Selling Authors Ellen Anderson, Katie Wyatt

Turn of the century America is an exciting place to be! New technologies are now firmly in place including cars, electricity, movies, and airplanes. But even as the times change, mentalities about women’s traditional place in society still remain quite rigid.

Fred Harvey’s business establishment helped to start to change that, providing a place where women could do what was considered respectable work, gaining business experience that they then could parlay into becoming some of the first female doctors, lawyers, engineers, and architects.

In her day job, Katherine Stinson is a Harvey Girl. She diligently tends to the needs of her customers, earning the respect of her colleagues for her work ethic.

Everyone knows they can count on Kathy if ever something needs to be done right. But Kathy has secret dreams that soar far beyond Albuquerque’s Alvarado Hotel—if only she can find a way to make them come true.

Craig Ortega has a secret of his own, albeit a minor one. It would be inconvenient if anyone found out, so when Kathy is quick to realize who he is, he’s glad she’s someone who is clearly trustworthy and won’t spill the beans.

More than trustworthy, she’s beautiful, intelligent, and quite the most fascinating woman he’s ever met. She sees past his sometimes hard outer shell, born of a painful past, and accepts him for exactly who he is.

When a tragedy brings Craig’s past to light, will Kathy be able to see past her own deep hurt and forgive him?

When he learns her secret, will he believe in her as fully as she’s believed in him?

And what of Carrie Wooster, one of the Alvarado’s customers, who appears less than well? What secrets is she carrying?


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Historical western romance short story series.

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