Rhesus X: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Rhesus X: Blood Is Thicker Than Water
: Roger David Francis
: Averill Lodge Publishing
: 320
: Fiction : SciFi
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Are people with Rhesus blood descended from aliens?
Many scientific studies suggest this could be true.
It is rumoured Governments secretly monitor those with a certain blood group.
The question is: WHY?

Mankind harboured a deadly secret. Scientists had suspected certain blood types must be of alien origin. And they were right!
Richie was looking forward to a weekend away in a country cottage. He had received a blood transfusion whilst recovering from a motorbike accident and needed to recover.
This was going to be the start of a terrifying journey into the unknown, threatening the very essence of his life.
The aliens had a plan using virtual reality headsets to draw their victims into another world.
Their cave held a deadly secret. Anyone carrying the Rhesus X gene was in danger.
Why was the Rhesus X gene so important and could Richie escape from the aliens and save his family?

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