The Dark Awakening: Urban Paranormal Fantasy (The Chosen Coven Book 1)

The Dark Awakening: Urban Paranormal Fantasy (The Chosen Coven Book 1)
: D.L. Blade
: 252
: Fiction : General
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The Vampire Diaries meets Hush Hush – Author Academy Award finalist!

A stalker. An old love. And a vampire desperately craving her blood.

Just before Mercy’s eighteenth birthday, her own mother brutally attacks her, leaving her fighting for her life. She survives, only to find herself stalked by a stranger, always hiding in the shadows. The moment she convinces herself it is all inside her mind, a handsome and mysterious man comes into town. Caleb, claiming they were in love back in the 17th century, shares with Mercy a secret that will change her life forever; she is a witch. Mercy's sole purpose is to annihilate a supernatural species threatening humanity —vampires.

Following her Awakening, a rumor rises about Mercy’s blood allowing vampires to become day-walkers, which leads a ruthless blood-sucking leader to frantic actions. Maurice endeavors to lure her into his lair and drink her one-of-a-kind blood. 

Secrets, hidden in unlikely places, lead Mercy back into a life she hardly remembers, leaving her with the feeling of living a nightmare she cannot wake up from.

“A page-turning suspense chock-full of vampires, werewolves, and witches.”

~ Christina Kaye, author of seven suspense novels, including the award-winning Like Father, Like Daughter

The story has an explosive climax and an excellent twist that will have readers begging for the next book.”

~ Melinda R. Morgan, author of ‘The Birthright Legacy’ series

The Chosen Coven Trilogy

  • The Dark Awakening — book 1
  • The Dark Underworld — book 2
  • The Dark Deliverance — book 3

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