Rhapsody and Rebellion: (Once Upon a Widow) (Enduring Legacy Book 7)

Rhapsody and Rebellion: (Once Upon a Widow) (Enduring Legacy Book 7)
: Aubrey Wynne, Enduring Legacy
: Plato Publishing
: 64
: Fiction : Romance
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A legend... A rebellion... An enduring legacy...
Raised to be the Earl of Stanfeld in his father’s image—practical and disciplined—there were no gray lines interrupting Gideon’s black and white world. Until his mother has a dream and begs to return to her Highland home.

Alisabeth was betrothed from the cradle. On the Spring solstice and her seventeenth birthday, she marries her best friend and enters the Dalais clan. In less than a year, Lissie finds herself a widow. Vowing to honor her husband’s memory, she joins his activist group of Glasgow weavers and is soon embroiled in the Radical War of 1820.

Crossing the border into Scotland, the earl finds his predictable world turned upside down. Folklore and legend intertwine with an unexpected attraction to a raven-haired beauty with sapphire blue eyes. But Lissie doesn’t trust the Englishman or the rising passion between them. When Gideon learns of an English plot to stir the Scots into rebellion, he must choose his country or save the clan he is beginning to love and the woman that stirs his soul.

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