Poolside: A Murder in Menorca Abby Tennant Mystery

Poolside: A Murder in Menorca Abby Tennant Mystery
: Cat Preston
: 149
: Fiction : Mystery
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There's been another murder in the sleepy resort of Arenal D'En Castell......

When a shot rings out in the night sky, panic fills the air and Abby's holiday turns into another murder investigation. Her favourite restaurant is the crime scene, and the owner, Paulo, seeks out Abby's help to solve the crime.

With the trusty help of Eveline and Jane, Abby's two new best friends, the gang set about to solve this new murder, enlisting the help of Abby's two boys and potential squeeze, Detective McEwan. But will they find the murderer amongst the victim's friends, will Abby get her man, and will Jane ever grow tired of pastries?

This easy-to-read cozy mystery packs in humour and love, along with a healthy dose of fun as the heroes try to save the day.

This book is in British English.

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