The Hero of July 4th: A Tale of WWII

The Hero of July 4th: A Tale of WWII
: Michael Stone
: 29
: Fiction : Mystery
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When young Emma Daniels recalls a chest in her basement containing her great-grandfather things, she takes a trip down the stairs to investigate. She finds a war journal in the chest and embarks on a journey of discovery to learn about her great-grandfather: Riley Wilson.

Reading the journal, she imagines the reality of war on the road to the liberation of Paris…

Private Riley Wilson yearns to return from the awful war in Europe to reunite with his family back in the States. When an enemy ambush threatens his squad, will he overcome the forces against him? Will he make it back to his family where his newborn son is waiting?

The Hero of July 4th is a story of bravery and courage set during the hallowing years of World War II.

Will a man placed in the greatest conflict in history find his way home?

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