Selling To Giants: How to sell to the largest customers and win massive deals

Selling To Giants: How to sell to the largest customers and win massive deals
: David Gibor
: Manhattan Book Publisher
: 212
: Non Fiction : General
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“Can I sell to a giant like IBM, P&G, Google or Cisco?” — Sure you can!

Whether you work in a large company or own a three people business, you CAN sell to giants, enjoy repeat business and close deals which are MUCH LARGER than you imagine are possible. This book will teach you how!

“Selling To Giants” is a playbook for anyone who would like to take his business to a new level by working with very large customers. It is intended for Business to Business (B2B) sales professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives. It is relevant to people who are selling products or services to customers which are very large organizations, such as large companies, financial institutes or governments.

You will learn in this book how to:

•Find your ‘way in’ into a giant organization
•Prepare yourself for the first meeting, and make sure you get a second one!
•Select the RIGHT champion, and don’t waste your time on people who won’t help you close a deal
•Make each sale much larger than you think is possible
•Crush your competition, and even become a ‘sole source supplier’ (the holy grail of sales)
…and much more.

David Gibor has been selling to giants for over three decades. He has worked in startups selling to large telecom operators, in giant defense companies selling to countries, and advised to companies in multiple industries. The author has repeatedly closed 8 & 9 digit deals (>$100M) In the recent years the author has been also responsible for large projects in a giant organization and has been a buyer from smaller suppliers. His share of successes and failures as a seller and his intimate view of the buyer perspective have helped him fine-tune and clearly define a playbook for business success with giants.

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