The Perfect Match: Finding the ONE you were made for

The Perfect Match: Finding the ONE you were made for
: Wes Raley
: V Books
: 214
: Non Fiction : General
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★Amazon #1 Best Seller
★2018 Best Indie Book of the Year Award Winner
★A comprehensive guide to the art of dating...

Are you tired of watching others find their match while you sit on the sidelines? Are you afraid you'll never find the person God has for you? Are you questioning whether past relationship decisions were a mistake?

Don't give up! You can have clarity about your future! 

The pain of wondering if there's ever going to be a match for you can be unbearable. Frustration and fear can result from not knowing what God is promising you or how to find the person you were made for. Waiting can raise a whole host of questions, fears, and doubts. 

Will you be single forever? Does God care? Have you missed the one? 

But God doesn't want to leave you guessing! With practical insight grounded in scripture and painful personal experience, this book will help you discover: 

✔If God has a match for you.
✔What the Bible teaches about perfect matches. 
✔How to find the person God made you for. 
✔What you can do right now to prepare for your match. 
✔How to enjoy your current season instead of rushing through it.

There are no perfect people today, but there are still perfect matches. And the scriptures give incredible insight about things you can do right now to find your match. 

The practical wisdom in this book will give you incredible clarity about your next steps, help you embrace the destiny God has for you, and prepare you for a beautiful life with the person you were truly made for. 

Wes Raley is the author of two books about God's will for your life and relationships. Visit for a free chapter.

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