The God who Pursues: Encountering a Relentless God

The God who Pursues: Encountering a Relentless God
: Cecil Murphey
: 207
: Non Fiction : General
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Discover the God Who Persistently Chases (and Catches) Human Souls
God’s pursuit of us doesn’t end at our conversion: —that’s just the beginning. As our lives unfold, if we will look and listen, we will find endless evidence that God not only wants us; God wants us holy.

In response to our flight from everything that is best for us, God says, "I have been found by those who did not seek me; I have shown myself to those who did not ask for me." The more we endeavor to measure up to our own "scale of holiness," the more God presses in to show us precisely what we don’t want to see: ourselves.

Instead of thinking of the Christian life as what we do, it's time to emphasize once again what God does. In The God Who Pursues, Murphey skillfully uses examples of flawed Old Testament characters to show modern Christians that God’'s invading grace still finds us when we least expect it— and when we most need it.

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