42 recipes Smoothies: No Diets , No Rules. Only Benefits & Deliciousness!

42 recipes Smoothies: No Diets , No Rules. Only Benefits & Deliciousness!
: Robert Hayness
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A few years back, I constantly used to look for different diets and meal patterns so that I could eat at peace, and stay healthy and slim, but my searches always ended with the need to keep up a strict diet and exercise regime. How I envy people that can eat anything and stay slim anyway! It was terrible, permanent restrictions!
     And I loved all kind of sweets; chocolates, pastry, cakes, etc. , as well as fatty foods.
I tried one diet after another - and it worked, but I had to control and limit myself constantly; and so as any other diet ... It is worth mentioning that my diets then contained very few fruits and vegetables, they almost were not part of the diets at all.
     What a surprise there was when I began to introduce vegetables and fruits in my diet and gradually increase their amount. 
At the beginning, the sweet fruits partially replaced various sweets like chocolates, pastry, etc. After, I began experimenting with various combinations of fruits and vegetables in smoothies and discovered the magical world of fabulously delicious cocktails, which almost completely replaced harmful sweets! 
     After that, my health began to improve.
-The skin has become clearer.
- Due to the fact that fruits and vegetables contain a large amount of plant fiber, my digestive system started working properly and I stomach pains have stopped.
- I started to lose weight and due to this, the body became more flexible and figurable.
- Life energy has increased and I became more happy! 
     A huge amount of vitamins and trace elements that are contained in plants also contributed to the big changes. Due to the fact that the products are milled to a mushy state in a smoothie, the degree of saturation greatly increases and therefore you begin to consume less food. It also helps the assimilation of all nutrients, especially minerals, which are crucial for our longevity!
     In this book, I collected some of my favorite recipes so that you can get all the benefits and discover a new variety of tastes.
     You have the opportunity to improve your health, lose weight and become happier with my simple, tasty, healthy recipes and personal recommendations. Do not postpone until tomorrow, start right now!

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