Second Self (Cory Marin Book 3)

Second Self (Cory Marin Book 3)
: JW Robitaille
: Cypress Highlands Press
: 343
: Fiction : Mystery
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"I have read all three books in this series and this is my favorite. I could not put it down. Great summer reading!" Amazon Reviewer
"Once again JW Robitaille has written a fast-paced, can't put it down police procedural featuring Cory Marin, her tough Latina detective, who is holding her own in a southern police department in a university town. There is nothing more fun than a new Cory Marin novel. Highly recommended!" Amazon Reviewer
"I'm hooked on the Cory Marin stories and this third book left me wishing for book #4. The twists, depth of characters, and fast pace kept me completely engaged in the story. I love both the strength and sensitivity of the protagonist, and her realistic struggles as a female boss within a male-dominated work environment." Amazon Reviewer

When Sergeant Cory Marin and Marty Washington begin to investigate the ritualistic murder of an international student, the leads and suspects keep multiplying. Is the killing tied to a similar one twenty years ago? Is the girlfriend's possessive ex-boyfriend responsible? Do the victim's fraternity brothers have a reason to want him dead? Or are the victim's girlfriend or best friend involved?
When they discover a tie-in with the virtual world, Second Life, events take a bizarre twist. As her avatar tracks down leads in Second Life, Cory is faced with a new threat from Fletcher Manning. Luckily, she has Marty Washington, and her father, Jack Riley, in her corner, but can they protect her from Fletcher?

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