30 Sleep Hacks for New Parents: A Sleep Survival Guide for Parents of Newborns

30 Sleep Hacks for New Parents: A Sleep Survival Guide for Parents of Newborns
: Karen Kostohris
: 44
: Kids : Non Fiction
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Is great sleep possible with a newborn? The answer is YES! This book will show you how good sleep IS POSSIBLE! This 30+ page eBook is PACKED full of proven tips, tricks and ideas for better postpartum sleep for baby and parents.

"30 Sleep Hacks for New Parents" is not just another book on infant sleep. This is a VERY PRACTICAL, HANDS-ON Survival Guide for parents - packed with ideas and proven tips and tricks from an experienced postpartum doula and mother of 5. If you have a newborn or are expecting a baby, this guidebook will be a game-changer for your family's sleep! It is a very quick and easy read - no "heady" or lengthy background information but very practical and useful information that you can apply today!

Here's what you'll learn:

- How to understand infant sleep needs, patterns and cues
- Develop creative strategies to maximize your sleep
- Learn new sleep hacks and tips from a professional night doula
- Understand why your baby is waking
- Develop skills to help your baby sleep better and longer
- Learn how to help your newborn transition from life in the womb
- Learn ways to cope with the demands of caring for a newborn
- And much more!

Here's what people are saying about this sleep reference guide:

"As a mother of three, I wish I had known all this with my first! This wisdom made a huge difference for our family!" - Ruth G.

"I just read your book and I feel so much better prepared to be a grandma! I'll be sure to let my daughter know about this book. I wish I would have learned more about this 30 years ago!" - Natalie H.

I already read most of it today while nursing my 9 month old and found it so helpful! Lot of helpful info, good reminders, and a few new tricks to try next time around!! Neither of our kiddos have been "good sleepers" so I know I will refer back to this if we are blessed with more!" - Claire C.

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