Dirty Mirror (Justice Keepers Saga Book 6)

Dirty Mirror (Justice Keepers Saga Book 6)
: R.S. Penney
: Creativia
: 0
: Fiction : SciFi
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Battered, broken and bruised, the Justice Keepers limp away from their greatest defeat yet.

Melissa Carlson was thrilled when she received her admission letter into the Justice Keeper training program. Now, she has begun a new life on Leyria, an idyllic planet that has overcome poverty and prejudice. But something dark is simmering beneath the surface, as a terrorist group threatens to bring back the social unrest that the Leyrian people fought so hard to vanquish.

Melissa's father, Harry Carlson, is having trouble adapting to life in a society that makes him feel obsolete. Is there room for a grizzled old cop in a world of robots and star ships? Meanwhile, Jack Hunter begins an investigation to root out traitors among the Justice Keepers once and for all.

It's a new day with a new direction for this space opera. Everything you thought you knew will be turned upside-down in Dirty Mirror, the sixth book of the Justice Keepers Saga.

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