Dirty Mirror (Justice Keepers Saga Book 6)

Dirty Mirror (Justice Keepers Saga Book 6)
: R.S. Penney
: Creativia
: 380
: Fiction : SciFi
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The Justice Keepers have faced their greatest defeat yet.

Melissa Carlson was thrilled to enter the Justice Keeper training program. Now, she has begun a new life on Leyria: an idyllic planet that has overcome poverty and prejudice.

But something dark simmers beneath the surface, as a terrorist group threatens to bring back the social unrest that the Leyrian people fought so hard to vanquish.

Melissa's father, Harry Carlson, is having trouble adapting to life in a society that makes him feel obsolete. Is there room for a grizzled old cop in a world of robots and starships?

Meanwhile, the Justice Keepers enter a new day - and direction - as Jack Hunter begins an investigation to root out traitors among them once and for all.

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