America Dark: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (Willow Falls Book 1)

America Dark: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (Willow Falls Book 1)
: Keith Taylor
: 165
: Fiction : Drama
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How will you survive when the power goes out?

Jim Shepherd always knew the EMP was coming. For years his prepper father had warned him that it was only a matter of time; that eventually someone would be crazy enough to push the button and plunge the US into the darkness. Shep thought he was prepared for the chaos to come. He thought he knew exactly what to do.

He was wrong.

Abi Ross had no idea when she boarded her train from D.C. to Charlotte that her July 4th was about to go off the rails, literally. She had no clue that she'd soon find herself stranded in rural Virginia, injured and alone, awaiting a rescue that would never come.

Could you survive with nothing but the contents of your pockets?

When the lights flicker out for the last time Jim and Abi will find out if they have what it takes to survive, stripped of the bubble wrap and cotton wool of modern society. How far will they go to keep breathing? Who will they save? Who will they leave behind to die?

And what will they do when they learn that the attack has only just begun?

AMERICA DARK is the first book of the Willow Falls EMP survival series, a thrilling tale of what's to come: a war against an enemy the United States is woefully ill-prepared to face.

AMERICA DARK was previously published in 2017 as PULSE, book one of the Little Rocket Man series.

Praise for PULSE:

In one word: terrifying. If you weren't already afraid of the prospect of an EMP attack from North Korea... well, you soon will be. From page one you get the impression that this is something that not only COULD happen but something that WILL happen. I've no idea of the actual danger of an EMP attack, but the author makes me feel like we've been lucky to survive this long without one. -- BroadHorizons

I'm not a worrier at heart, but reading this gave me the chills. I don't want to give away any of the plot but the buildup to the EMP attack really does feel as if it could happen in real life. In this respect I found Pulse very similar to my favorite Keith Taylor novel, This is the Way the World Ends, which explained the buildup to a zombie apocalypse in such incredible detail that I read most of the book while hiding behind my couch. --Chasmmm

When I started reading the chapter about the North Koreans ceasing their nuclear program and asking for face to face peace talks with the U.S., I really wondered if this came straight out of a current newspaper or CNN. Spooky! The realistic possibility of the North Koreans hitting us with an EMP has been on my mind a lot lately. I know you had to have written this months ago, but the fact that your fiction has become fact, at least so far, makes the whole story all the more prophetic and too real. --Kindle Customer

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