Along the Way (Ben Blue Book 13)

Along the Way (Ben Blue Book 13)
: Lou Bradshaw
: 217
: Fiction : General
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Ben is in route to deliver two very special horses, to a wealthy customer on the Southern California coast. Most of the travel is done by way of the Southern Pacific Railroad, but even on a week-long train ride, trouble finds a way of showing up. Ben meets some new friends, and he finds the golden state like all the others, has it’s share of evil. He runs headlong into an evil empire with ties in both the US and Mexico and is controlled by one man. A man whose name is revered and feared. He is also a vengeful demon who would throw away a fist full of money and end dozens of lives to make a point.

A few telegrams from Ben to the US Marshal’s offices in Los Angeles and Santa Fe creates what the telegraph operator calls a “Wire Storm”, and the climate turned quickly from perfect to deadly.

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