The Society of Two Houses (Tales of the Dissolutionverse Book 4)

The Society of Two Houses (Tales of the Dissolutionverse Book 4)
: William C. Tracy
: Space Wizard Science Fantasy
: 149
: Fiction : Mystery
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The Society of Two Houses is a stand-alone mystery from William C. Tracy's Dissolutionverse series, about an intergalactic assembly of species, connected by music-based magic instead of spaceflight.

Murder, Mystery, and Magic

Mandamon Feldo is scheduled to meet a high-profile diplomat to present his newest invention, but instead finds the diplomat dead in a pool of blood on the floor of his office. Even worse, the diplomat had been holding a list of the members of The Society of Two Houses, a secret organization existing inside the maji. An organization to which Mandamon belongs.

If the list gets out, the Society—which brings innovation and new technology to the Nether— may crumble under the weight of the secrets it holds. Often, the ends are seen to justify the means when developing new ideas, and the Society has done its share of cleaning up ‘accidents.’ Before the murderer releases the information, Mandamon must figure out who would kill the diplomat and betray The Society of Two Houses.

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Book 2: Merchants and Maji (Intrigue, Steampunk adventure)
Book 3: The Seeds of Dissolution: Dissolution Cycle Book 1 (Epic Space Opera, LGBT)
Book 4: The Society of Two Houses (Sherlock Holmes-esque murder mystery)
Book 5: Journey to the Top of the Nether (Jules Verne-style adventure, kid-friendly)
Book 6: (forthcoming 2019) Dissolution Cycle Book 2 (Epic Space Opera, LGBT)

Genres: Space Opera / Science Fiction / Steampunk / Mystery

Market: Adult

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