Journey to the Top of the Nether (Tales of the Dissolutionverse Book 5)

Journey to the Top of the Nether (Tales of the Dissolutionverse Book 5)
: William C. Tracy
: Space Wizard Science Fantasy
: 188
: Kids : 9-12
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Journey to the Top of the Nether is a stand-alone adventure from William C. Tracy's Dissolutionverse series, about an intergalactic assembly of species, connected by music-based magic instead of spaceflight.

Climb the Unclimbable!

Natina grew up studying the artifacts found by her mother, the famous explorer Morvu Francita Januti. Now, her mother has discovered an ancient machine able to drill into the previously impenetrable mineral of the Nether, and is leading an expedition to climb its incredibly high walls for the very first time. She wants Natina to be part of the expedition, but Natina is more comfortable helping her parents research at home—if only her mother were home more often.

The Nether's walls are smooth like crystal, any fall will mean certain death, and no one knows what, or who, may lurk above the clouds. There are even rumors of another team of explorers following them, trying to steal their glory. It could be the chance of a lifetime for Natina, and a good way to learn how her mother became the most famous explorer of the ten species—if they survive.

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Book 6: (forthcoming 2019) Dissolution Cycle Book 2 (Epic Space Opera, LGBT)

Genres: Space Opera / Science Fiction / Steampunk / Midgrade / YA

Market: Midgrade, YA, and Adult

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