Star Magi: A Space Opera Fantasy Adventure (Star Magi Saga Book 1)

Star Magi: A Space Opera Fantasy Adventure (Star Magi Saga Book 1)
: Andrew Dobell
: 221
: Fiction : SciFi
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Amanda is a Magus. A seasoned veteran of the war against the forces of darkness. She has dedicated her life to hunting her enemies and protecting humanity.
But when the fight moves to the deep space, can she become a Star Magus?

Having fought the Dark Magi for years, Amanda is finally on the trail for their cruel masters, the god-like Archons.
But, as she closes in on the mother of Vampires, the fight takes an unexpected turn.

Dragons from space attack Earth.
These Void Dragons take the Archons to the stars, and the fight moves into Space.

Unknown to the humans of Earth, the Magi have been travelling the stars for millennia. A vast interstellar community of Magi and advanced humans live throughout the galaxy. The forces of darkness see this as a prize ripe for the picking.

Joining forces with a Dragon Hunter to follow her quarry, Amanda discovers treacherous politics, high technology and dark magic.
Amanda must become a Star Magi, continue the fight, and protect all of humanity from the approaching darkness.

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