Dare to Ask God Why?

Dare to Ask God Why?
: Greg Williams
: Treaty Oak Publishers
: 306
: Non Fiction : General
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Imagine the unimaginable. Nothing you can do will change anything. Your breath grows short, your jaw drops open, and your heart breaks from the inside out.
Your faith takes a beating, despite the support and encouragement of those who love you. Even in the face of your fervent denial and potent anger, you are powerless.
At last, you can’t do anything but accept the inevitable. But that’s not enough. Someone has to answer for what happened.

You’re invited to travel a deeply personal journey with Greg Williams as he dealt with a heart-wrenching turn of events that changed his life forever. In the midst of his trial just to endure, he reached a point where all he could do was Dare to Ask God Why.
Learn for yourself how the answer he ultimately received was sufficient to keep him on the shaky path, not simply to recovery, but to healing action.

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