Losing Weight - Ditch the Diet? (Persuade Yourself to Succeed)

Losing Weight - Ditch the Diet? (Persuade Yourself to Succeed)
: Ricarda Grenville
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: Non Fiction : Health
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This refreshing weight loss guide tackles the issue of managing weight head-on in a practical, mind over matter approach to enable success in your weight loss goals. We focus on persuading yourself to succeed, emotional issues causing weight gain, changing behavioral patterns and unleashing the incredible power of your mind to think yourself thin.

Ditch the Diet - Why diets never work - but lifestyle changes do!

We will show you how to eliminate your negative eating patterns and replace your mindset with a positive, successful and healthy mindset – enabling you to be ready to take on the world with confidence!

You will learn healthier ways of dealing with emotional stress, ways to manage binge eating problems, how to stay on track with your weight loss goals and how to keep motivated during the duration of your healthier lifestyle plan.

Most of all – we teach you to succeed. Succeed in life, in healthier eating and in maintaining your weight so you achieve the body you are proud of.

Achieve your goals, claim back your confidence and regain your power!

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